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Wildlife Photos

How Photographers Capture Beautiful Desert Wildlife Photos

Many people think that the desert is a desolate, empty place. However, the truth is that the desert is full of life including an amazing and diverse array of plants, birds, mammals, and other wildlife. If you’re looking for fine art wildlife photography then please read on to learn more about how to capture these truly amazing scenes. Firstly, knowing where and when to find them.


It's All About Lighting

Any form of fine art wildlife photography requires warm, low light direction to get the best results. When shooting wildlife photography in the desert, early morning and late afternoon provide the best soft natural lighting source. With the early morning sunlight, these photos will capture the stunning glow of the sands and landscape around it. Afternoon light really brings out the colors of the landscape, plants, and the wildlife that lives within this beautiful environment. Using a tripod helps to get crisp, clear images of desert animals.


Focal Points

Depending on the location, some desert photography can look too stark or monotone. However, taking wildlife photos means capturing a specific focal point to give the image depth and definition. Whether it’s a herd of bison, wild horses, or a cactus wren, using the animals as the focal point will help the desert serve as the background rather than the main subject of the photo. Plants like cacti and agave also make incredible focal points, too.

Camera Care

Shooting  wildlife photography in the desert can cause the camera to become damaged without the proper care. Professional photographers know to protect their lens in this environment since tiny grains of sand can cause scratches on the glass. A quality protective case can keep the camera in good condition and prevent sand from getting inside. Shades can also be used to cover the camera while taking pictures so that it doesn’t overheat in the desert sun.

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