Hassayampa Bridge

Hassayampa Bridge

Historic Registry Tress bridge spanning the Hassayampa River under the light of a full moon.

  • Hand-Crafted Shutter Frames

    • These unique Hand-Crafted Frames are built from the same Engineered Barnwood used in interior home designs.
    • The Frames are available in both horizontal and vertical construction. Both Shutter Frames are available in Gray or Brown  Barnwood  finish.
    • The frames have a  4" inch sill and feature cabinet quality hinged shutters (shutters not fit to scale) with plexiglass windows. This is a faux window built to display aluminum prints only.
    • Actual frame may slightly differ from display models due to updates on build design and Barnwood availability.
    • One Shutter Frame size only. Frame accommodates a 16" x 24" Aluminum Print in Vertical or Horizontal orientation. 
    • FREE  UPS shipping in USA. Allow 2 weeks to order aluminum print, build frame and ship.
  • Aluminum Print

    Bay Photo provides all my Aluminum Prints which gurantees every image is color corrected to   professional Standards.

Frame Color