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Hand Crafted Shutter Frames

Why You Should Choose Behind The Shutter Photography Barn Wood Frames

Choose from our portfolio of Fine Art photography to complement our Hand-Built BarnWood frames which adds a striking touch to your home or office décor. These authentic and sustainable frames are Hand-Crafted of raw materials that give them a timeless and weathered appearance and an old-world charm. They are made from an engineered wood product that presents an aged, textured finish. This 'engineered' BarnWood is featured in today's home improvement renovations which makes a solid, sturdy and beautiful piece on its own, a stunning way to present my fine art photography. You will not find this in any Big Box, Warehouse sourced, art outlet.

Another perk to using Barn Wood frames is that they are  available in brown, gray and Blue Pine finishes which change periodically as availability dictates, in both horizonal and vertical orientations which gives you several exciting options for your wall space. Dark brown Ghost Wood frames (heavy natural texture) and Blue Pine frames are additional materials currently available.

Barnwood Frames are versatile so they look beautiful in every home. A light gray frame looks gorgeous in any style of home, while the  rich brown adds a warm, rustic component.  Because these  Shutter Frames are Hand-Made they are  truly special and  one-of-a-kind.

These Hand-Crafted Frames are  built to last, using contractor grade adhesive, 18ga nails, cabinet hinges and metal plates at all corners to ensure a solid long-lasting art piece. 

Visit  to order your favorite Barnwood Framed, Fine Art Metal prints from our Fine Art photography portfolio

COMING SOON!   Acrylic prints!

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