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These unique Hand-Crafted frames are built with raw materials and with the intention of a rustic weathered vibe complimenting todays Interior Designed spaces showcasing repurposed or engineered wood products. The Barnwood Frames  are available in several finishes including  Gray and Brown, in both horizontal and vertical orientation.  Shutter Frames may vary slightly from display samples due to updates in build quality or changes/availability from suppliers stock. Shutter Frames have a  4" inch sill and feature hinged shutters (shutters not fit to scale) with plexiglass windows. Both Horizontal and Vertical frames now feature the shelf at the bottom. Our Barnwood Frames are specifically designed and built to mount these archival aluminum prints. This is a faux window built to showcase Behind The Shutter Photography Prints only.


Shutter Frames were conceptualized for us to see with our imaginative 'Minds Eye' outside our confined walls and how it can compliment any décor style for your eclectic taste. Every frame is hand-built and each Aluminum Print is ordered when your purchase is completed and takes about seven business days from start to completion and shipment.

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