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American Southwests landscapes

This image was taken with my G6 phone to show my set-up on location, ready to capture this early morning breaking storm in Sedona from the top of Doe Mountain.  This image required me to leave home several hours before daybreak to get there and hike up to the top of Doe Mtn. I have been chasing these opportunities for over thirty years. I will be adding many more images in the coming months as I develop this web site. Please contact me if you have any suggestions in regards to image requests or site navigation improvements.


We have seen our world recluse dramatically over the past couple years which has affected the way we all interact. Creating the right atmosphere of a comfortable  and safe space that reflects your personality has become a priority. Our home has never been more important for our personal health, well being and mental health hence the massive and ongoing resurgence of home remodeling and renovation as we spend more time there. Art is as important a tool in these spaces as any decor item. The calming and gratifying effects of beautiful Nature, Landscape and Nightscape images will ground you in existentialism.


Behind The Shutter . . was conceived and designed to  transform your ordinary space into extraordinary. I am confident once you display my Shutter Frame art you will experience a visual impact beyond the traditional. This unique 'Window' framed photography will be just as dynamic in your home as in your office.


The intent is to experience the art in a surreal fashion. My Landscape, Wildlife, Nature and Nightscape images mounted in Barnwood Shutter Frame's are meant to push my art creatively forward. 

My photography is mostly based in the landscape of the American Southwest with a strong emphasis  on Nightscapes, as well as capturing the early and late day magical light that transforms the landscape from static to ecstatic.

Please take a few moments to look through my  Photography.  Just select the image you want and the frame color you would like to display it with and create your own Behind The Shutter Art piece. 


If you have any questions or have subject requests please contact me.



Your art is really something! Congratulations. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before. 

   Melanie Z.


Incredibly beautiful! Like you know what you're doing!! My compliments!

      Gerald B.

Congratulations! Your photo, South Rim Snow Storm, has been awarded the Photo of the Day award!

      Capture My Arizona

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